Skin cancer checks in Waurn Ponds, Geelong, Colac, and St Albans

Skin cancer can be very serious and put our life at risk. Fortunately it can be treated if caught early, which is why having regular skin checks and skin cancer screening is highly recommended by our doctors in Waurn Ponds, Geelong, Colac, and St Albans.

The skin check process

A full body skin check is the best way to determine the health of your skin on your whole body. With underwear left on for comfort and privacy, our doctors will thoroughly check your skin from head to toe, determining if any spots or moles need monitoring or treatment. It is important to raise any areas or spots of concern, to make sure that your doctor gets a good look at everything that concerns you.

However, if you are limited in time or have any comfort or privacy concerns, we also provide spot or mole checks on your areas of concern, instead of a full body check. You can choose to have only a certain part of your body, exposed areas or just a single spot checked. Even though a spot check is not as thorough as a full body check.

Skin in the breast, genital, and buttock area is not routinely examined, however skin cancers can occur in these regions and any suspicious lesions should be examined by the doctor.

To facilitate a thorough examination, it is preferred that make up (especially foundation) and nail polish is not worn to the consultation.

What to expect during the procedure

  • The skin is examined without any instruments at first.
  • Dermoscopy is then performed using a hand held dermatoscope.
  • Any spots of interest are recorded and analysed or biopsied if found necessary—usually scheduled in a separate appointment.
  • Total body photography or creating a mole map may be recommended and booked for a separate appointment if you are an appropriate high-risk patient.

We use HEINE Cube, the world’s most advanced skin analytics system software.

If you have any questions regarding skin cancer checks, considering having skin cancer surgery or a skin cancer light treatment done, contact our friendly staff today.

No referral is needed for skin cancer checks.