Skin cancer surgery in Colac, St Albans, and Waurn Ponds, Geelong

Our doctors and staff at Western Skin Institute are highly qualified and trained in skin cancer care and treatment procedures in Colac, St Albans, and Waurn Ponds, Geelong.

Our skin check services include:

Skin biopsies

Skin biopsies can be performed to gather information about lesions of concern. These procedures can be performed in our clinic and are usually booked from your initial consultation, on a separate appointment.

Melanoma/skin cancer removal

Lesions that are suspicious for skin cancer can be removed surgically. This procedure is typically performed at the clinic, but due to space and time constraints, may be scheduled for a future date.


All skin biopsies and specimens that are collected will be sent to be evaluated by a qualified dermatopathologist – a pathologist who specialises in diagnosing disorders of the skin.

Skin cancer surgery/treatment

Skin cancers can be removed surgically in the treatment rooms as our doctors specialise in all techniques for removing skin cancer, including standard surgical excision, electro-dissication and curettage, skin grafts and flap repairs When appropriate, non-surgical treatments of skin cancer will also be discussed with you, including radiation, cryotherapy, and topical chemotherapy.

Reconstructive surgery

After a skin cancer is removed, our staff are well trained to repair the resulting wound. This may include reconstructive surgery when necessary.

Scar revision

Scar revision can also be performed at our clinics to enhance the appearance of a scar resulting from surgery.

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen

Cryotherapy or “freezing” with liquid nitrogen is an effective way to treat several skin conditions, including Actinic Keratoses which are commonly known as “pre-skin cancers.”

Nonsurgical treatments

Modern technology is producing several new methods of dealing with skin cancer. Nonsurgical treatments can include topical chemotherapy or immunotherapy. These options are only appropriate for certain tumor subtypes, but can be an excellent treatment option when indicated.

Certain types of issues and abnormalities on your skin can also be treated at our laser skin clinic, for scarless and quick-recovery treatments, or through a specialist general surgery.