Immediate Surgery

We are commonly asked by patients to do the surgery immediately/ right now. This request is NOT in accordance with Best practice guidelines.

The Medical Council requires that before any surgery is carried out, you have informed consent. This involves telling you about the procedure, telling you what to expect, costs of the surgery, complications and then scheduling it at another date. See: "Consent Section 4.3: ...informed consent should be obtained in a pre-procedure consultation at least seven days before the day of the procedure and reconfirmed on the day of the procedure and documented appropriately."

This gives you time to synthesise the information, discuss with your family doctor and seek a second opinion if necessary.

This is the standard of care for most specialists: Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, General Surgeons etc.

For minor procedures, it is recommended that a minimum of 7 days is required before we schedule surgery. For major procedures this can be up to 3 months.

We are aware that there are clinics who would perform surgery right now/ immediately. Apart from the rare exception where there is an imminent threat to your life; we apologise that we are not this type of clinic and you are very welcome to see other clinicians who will perform the procedure without complying with the guidelines above.