Integrative Dermatology

Posted By Dr. Stephen Lai  
10:40 AM

Integrative Dermatology


Integrating conventional medicine and alternative therapies.

Integrative Dermatology combines the best of conventional dermatology with some of the more holistic options of an alternative approach. For patient whose skin condition is resistant to conventional therapies or for patient who prefers to limit exposure to pharmaceuticals, a focus on nutrition, environment and lifestyle can be very useful.


Emphasizing nutrition, environment, and lifestyle.

Dietary changes and nutritional supplements can profoundly affect some skin conditions. Modifications in the home or workplace sometimes result in dramatic improvement. Examples of lifestyle changes include avoidance of known allergens, change to healthy diet, new ways of bathing, alterations in exercise routines, incorporation of meditation in the daily routine, changes in clothing or home furnishings and so on.


Taking advantage of the power of conventional medicine when necessary.

As clinician trained in a well-respected conventional program, our doctor understands the powerful effects and risks of prescription drugs and can prescribe them when necessary and appropriate. We can perform various surgical techniques to treat growth, infection, and skin cancer. We can take advantage of both conventional and functional laboratory techniques and tests if needed. We strongly believe a holistic approach will always give the fullest beneficial effect to our patients with different dermatology conditions.